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This is the company logo for VA Shoreline Events. Every events Virginia Beach and Norfolk VA Events should book VA Shoreline Events photo booth.

Glam Booth

Also known as the Kardashian Booth

What Makes Our GLAM Booth Special?

Celebrity-Inspired: Experience the same high-quality, flawless photos as your favorite stars.

Versatile Filters: Choose between black & white, color, or let your guests select their preferred filter for a personalized touch.

Perfectly Polished: Every shot delivers that effortlessly perfect look, ensuring each guest leaves with a memorable keepsake

Photo Back Drop: Using a classic all-white or all-black backdrop will enhance the photos. These neutral colors create a timeless elegance, and the contrast will make sure your guests features are perfectly highlighted in every photo.

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Make your event unforgettable with our GLAM Booth, where every photo turns out unreasonably perfect. Book now and let your guests enjoy a touch of celebrity glam!